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Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim are extremely popular. Everyone who has the opportunity to take one of these flights discovers that they offer something truly special. In 1919, the canyon was named one of the country’s first National Parks, and over time this imposing sight has become of the most popular American tourist destinations. Learning why you’d want to book a South Rim helicopter tour will open your eyes to this truly spectacular experience.

Over five million people visit the National Park each and every year. These lucky people love how they can roam around at the top and even ride a mule down to the canyon floor. But no experience there is quite as thrilling as taking a South Rim helicopter ride.

A flight like this will give you a unique, birds-eye vantage point of the Park and a superb opportunity to see spectacular sights. There are several reasons why a helicopter tour of this part of the Grand Canyon makes a great deal of sense.

First, South Rim chopper tours, which depart from Grand Canyon National Park Airport in Tusayan, are environmentally responsible because you’ll be riding in a heli that’s equipped with the latest technologies, including sound-dampening features. Tour helicopters like the EcoStar 130 also feature theater-style seating and large, 180-degree wrap-around windows, which provide panoramic aerial views of the breathtaking scenery.

The pilots of these helicopters are highly trained, FAA-certified experts and always maintain the highest safety standards. By using the provided high-quality headsets you’ll be able to hear interesting commentary about this protected region and the surrounding area. This narrative is available in up to ten different languages, so there’s no need to worry about missing out if you’re not a native English-speaker. Available options give you plenty of choices and the on-board facilities are impressive.


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