Top 5 Touring Drives in the Mudgee Region

The Mudgee region is situated in Central New South Wales, and if you’ve booked car rental in Sydney, Mudgee is just a 261 kilometre drive north-west. Resting in the Cudgegong River Valley, the name ‘Mudgee’ lives up to its original meaning, “Nest in the Hills’. The region is most famously known for its fine wine, yet its agricultural diversity, national parks and beautiful scenery give the town a country feel with a city’s worth of things to do. The region is ideal for those seeking a truly unique driving holiday. With a total of 9 scenic routes, the possibilities are endless!

Touring Drive 1 – The Black Stump

Begin by travelling along Cope Road, from Gulgong to Ulan. In Ulan you can visit the famous coal mines, ‘The Drip’, a series of majestic cliffs dripping clear spring water, and the ‘Hands on the Rock’, a historic Aboriginal site. After venturing a little further, you will come to the Golden Highway. By turning right, you begin to head into Great Dividing Range territory, which offers picturesque views and amazing sights. Turning left will lead you to Coolah, with the drive introducing you to lovely hills and valleys and the rich soiled plains of the Coolaburragundy River. In Coolah, you will find the Black Stump and the Coolah Tops National Park which boasts magnificent waterfalls and snow gums. The friendly and inviting atmosphere in Coolah makes it irresistible to spend a night and the Black Stump Inn is just the place to sit back and relax!

Touring Drive 2 – Dunedoo

Travel along the Castlereagh Highway and follow the directions to get onto Spring Ridge Road, which eventually leads back to the Golden Highway. Venture towards Dunedoo, soaking up the sweeping plains and countryside. While in the small country town, be sure to visit the historic railway station, museum and the court house. There are some quaint cafes and hotels, so be sure to enjoy a home-style meal before heading back to Gulgong.

Touring Drive 3 – A National Park Haven

Gulgong is a small heritage area, also known as ‘the town on the ten dollar note’. The history of the town is eminent in the famous Pioneers’ Museum, the Henry Lawson Centre and the Prince of Wales opera House. This small town is a fantastic place to gain more of an understanding of some of Australia’s history. Merriwa and Cassilis are also worth stopping in, with the hilly countryside and serenity leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.


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